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High Volume Cold Weather Grease Gun


High Volume/High Pressure, Cold Weather Design Pistol Grip OilSafe Grease Guns

Heavy duty, all weather grease guns designed for convenient use even in very cold weather conditions.

These colour-coded grease guns provide easy identification and help eliminate cross-contamination.

Built Tough

  • Barrel with 0.049" (1.2 mm) wall thickness
  • Heavy duty follower spring
  • CNC machined aluminum die cast head with bulk loader valve that double as an air bleeder
  • Rolled threads for quick and easy reloading
  • Heavy duty plunger spring keeps grease compressed and free of air pockets

Venturi Mechanism coupled with a large grease inlet helps retain prime.

Also available with a Unique Adjustable Stroke Mechanism that switches between high pressure and

high volume easily.

High Volume for faster greasing and
High Pressure for use in very cold weather conditions

Adjustable Stroke Mechanism

Use with 14 oz. (400 gms) grease cartridge / 500 cc bulk fill.

Comes with 12" (300 mm), 0.425" (11 mm) high pressure grease hose and coupler Ø 2-1/4" (57.15 mm)

Filling Options

Details High Volume / High Pressure Cold Weather Grease Gun

Develops : Up to 6.000 PSI (413 Bar)

Delivers : Up to 1.30 Oz./40 strokes (0.90 GM/Stroke)

Durable Steel and Clear Body Tubes

Available in 10 OilSafe colours

 Part Numbers Cold weather Pistol Grip Grease Guns

Part #ColourMaterialCartridge CapacityBulk CapacityThreads

(Oz.)(GMS)(C M P)
With unique adjustable stroke mechanisme
350200BeigeSteel144005001/8" NPT
350201BlackSteel144005001/8" NPT
350202BlueSteel144005001/8" NPT
350203Dk GreenSteel144005001/8" NPT
350204GraySteel144005001/8" NPT
350205Md GreenSteel144005001/8" NPT
350206OrangeSteel144005001/8" NPT
350207PurpleSteel144005001/8" NPT
350208RedSteel144005001/8" NPT
350209YellowSteel144005001/8" NPT
350400BeigeClear144005001/8" NPT
350401BlackClear144005001/8" NPT
350402BlueClear144005001/8" NPT
350403Dk GreenClear144005001/8" NPT
350404GrayClear144005001/8" NPT
350405Md GreenClear144005001/8" NPT
350406OrangeClear144005001/8" NPT
350407PurpleClear144005001/8" NPT
350408RedClear144005001/8" NPT
350409YellowClear144005001/8" NPT