Lustor system with auto shut-off dispensing tap

What is an auto shut-off dispensing tap

An auto shut-off dispensing tap is a device that is commonly used in the dispensing of fluids, such as f.i. oil. It is designed to automatically stop the flow of the fluid once a certain amount has been dispensed, helping to prevent overflows and spills.

These taps typically work using a float or pressure sensor mechanism that is located inside the spout of the tap. As the liquid level rises and the container is filled, the sensor detects the increasing pressure or the rising level of the liquid and triggers the mechanism to shut off the flow.

Auto shut-off dispensing taps are often used in applications where accurate measurement and control of the amount of liquid being dispensed is important.

Overall, these devices are designed to promote safe and efficient dispensing practices by reducing the risk of spills, waste, and contamination.