Fluoroelastomer O-rings

Fluoroelastomer O-rings, also known as FKM O-rings, are a type of synthetic rubber that offer excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, fuels, and oils. They are commonly used in applications that involve harsh or corrosive fluids, as they can withstand exposure to many chemicals that would cause other materials to degrade or break down.

Fluoroelastomer O-rings are made from a type of fluorinated polymer that includes elements such as fluorine, carbon, and hydrogen. This material offers excellent chemical resistance and can withstand exposure to many harsh substances, including acids, solvents, and fuels.

In addition to their chemical resistance, fluoroelastomer O-rings also offer good heat resistance, making them suitable for high-temperature applications. They can typically withstand temperatures of up to 400°F, making them a good choice for many OilSafe applications.

When selecting O-rings for your OilSafe equipment, it's important to consider factors such as the type of fluid being used, the temperature range of the application, and the expected lifespan of the O-ring. Fluoroelastomer O-rings may be necessary for applications involving harsh or corrosive fluids or high temperatures.

It's also important to select O-rings that are properly sized and compatible with your specific OilSafe equipment to ensure a proper seal and prevent leaks.