Cabinets and Spill Control Products Directory

Part NumberDescription
930005Storage Cabinet - Medium 36"W x 24"D x72"HOilSafe®
930010Storage Cabinet - Large 36"W x 36"D x 78"HOilSafe®
930020Workshop Storage Cabinet - Large 48"W x 24"D x 72"HOilSafe®
930200Heavy  Duty Mobile Work Center w/o drawersOilSafe®
930205Heavy  Duty Mobile Work Center w. drawersOilSafe®
930500Energy Safe Safety Cabinet, Manual 2-doorOilSafe®
930510Fluid Safety Cabinet (45 gallon capacity)OilSafe®
930520Fluid Safety Cabinet (60 gallon)OilSafe®
930700Fluid Safety Cabinet (30 gallon capacity)OilSafe®
930710Fluid Safety Cabinet (45 gallon capacity)OilSafe®
930720Safety Cabinet (60 gallon capacity)OilSafe®
SK-0106100Steel safety storage cabinet - H 1020 x W 930 x D 500
SK-0195053Steel safety storage cabinet - H 1950 x W 502 x D 500
SK-0195100Steel safety storage cabinet - H 1950 x W 930 x D 500 
450315Ramp - 12"OilSafe®
450316Ramp extender OilSafe®
450503IBC Spill palletOilSafe®
450507Tarp for IBC Spill PalletOilSafe®
450512Spill deck - 2 drumsOilSafe®
450514Spill deck - 4 drumsOilSafe®
450516Spill deck - 6 drumsOilSafe®
450518Spill deck - 8 drums OilSafe®
450520Linck lock for spill decksOilSafe®
450525Grates for spill deck (spare)OilSafe®
450555Ramp 6" OilSafe®
450557Single drum spill trayOilSafe®
450612Spill pallet - 2 drumsOilSafe®
450614-ILSpill pallet - 4 drums - Low Profile - In LineOilSafe®
450614-LPSpill pallet - 4 drums - Low Profile - SquareOilSafe®
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Tarp IBC spill pallet

Steel Safety Lubricant Storage Cabinets

Heavy Duty Mobile Work Center w/o drawers