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Battery-Operated Grease Gun
22 January 2021 

Battery-Operated Grease Gun


OilSafe Colour-Coded Battery-Operated Grease Guns offer the same great benefits as OilSafe manual grease guns with battery-operated efficient performance. One full battery charge (1 hour) provides power to dispense up to 6 grease cartridges in free flow conditions. Battery-Operated Grease Guns are the ideal choice to lubricate large bearings or manual centralised systems (used to lubricate multiple bearings from a single lubrication point.)

Oil Safe Battery-Operated Grease Guns are available with clear or steel body tubes in 10 standard OilSafe colours. (Clear Body Tubes with colour identification enable accurate identification of a lubricant by providing visibility of the installed cartridge or the grease level if bulk filled. Steel Body Tubes offer durable protection in a colour-coded tube for easy identification.)


Why an electric Grease Gun:

  • No air source or airline needed
  • Applies grease without manual pumping
  • Pumps higher volume of grease
  • Estimated to be 50% faster than manual grease guns
  • Convenient for large bearings when up to hundereds of pumps are required per bearing every few days.


Ball bearings

Small and large ball bearings


When should an electric Grease Gun be used

The amount of grease required by a bearing is based on the bearing size.

Using three ball bearings to demonstrate this and to show when an electric gun should be used.


d (bore) – mm D (OD) – mm B (width) – mm Grams of grease Manual vs Electric
20 42 16 3,5 Manual
180 280 46 74 Electric
710 1030 140 721 Electric


OilSafe colour-coded battery-operated grease guns are the obvious grease gun of choice to lubricate large bearings or manual centralised systems use to lubricate multiple bearings from a single lubrication point.

Battery-operated grease gun OilSafeBattery operated grease guns – clear and steel tubes

  • Holds a standard 14 oz cartridge or can be manually filled by suction or pump
  • Uses OilSafe colour-coded steel or clear tubes (tubes are available in the 10 OilSafe standard colours)
  • 18.5-volt rechargeable Li Ion battery
  • Recharges in 1-hour
  • Can be used with the OilSafe Grease Meter; a great advantage
  • Develops up to 6000 psi
  • Delivers up to 85 grams (3 oz)/minute
  • Pumps continuously while the trigger is held in
  • Output of through a standard rigid steel tube or a standard flexible hose
  • Colour-coded for easy identification and cross-contamination prevention
  • Comes with a durable case for conveniently storing when not in use
  • Coupler included
  • (1) Battery Charger, (2) Rechargeable Batteries included


Battery-operated grease gun OilSafe

Battery-operated grease gun kit – OilSafe

Content Grease Gun Kit:

  • battery-operated grease gun with colour-coded steel or clear tube,
  • Carry case,
  • carry strap,
  • 30”/760mm outlet hose,
  • grease coupler,
  • two 18V Li-ion batteries,
  • battery charger.


Modern electric grease guns generally use rechargeable batteries eliminating the need for power cords or, in the case of pneumatic guns, airlines adding convenience and versatility to the relubrication function. Rechargeable electric grease guns can produce up to 10,000 psi of pressure and deliver high volumes of grease quickly making them the grease gun of choice for those bearings that require more than several pumps from a manual gun. In addition to bearings requiring a high volume of grease, the rechargeable electric grease gun meets the challenges of pumping grease long distances to remote bearings or those located in dangerous areas. They can also provide the volume and pressure to lubricate several bearings on a centralized manifold distribution system.



  • General Maintenance
  • Bearings



  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Cement
  • Construction
  • Food and Beverage
  • General Industry
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Valve Maintenance
  • Wherever grease guns are used


The benefit is in large bearing lubrication!



A large ball bearing with a bore of 710 mm, an outer diameter of 1030 mm and a width of 140 mm operating at 100 rpm (721 grams of grease required for relubrication).


Condtions Model 1 (light duty) Model 2 (heavy duty)
Temperature, ˚C <70 85-100
Moisture <80% humidity occasional free water
Particulates light, non-abrasive light, abrasive
Load moderate heavy
Vibration normal normal
Frequency – hrs 12071 48


Condtions Model 1 (light duty) Model 2 (heavy duty)
Relubrication, g. 721 721
Frequency, hrs (days) 12071 (502) 48 (2)
Manual output, g/stroke 1 1
Electric output, g/min. 85 85
Strokes to lubricate, manual gun (24 minutes) 721 721
Minutes to lubricate, electric gun 8,5 8,5


In model 2, the large ball bearing, operating in the typical industrial environment described, can be lubricated in 8.5 minutes with an OilSafe colour-coded battery-operated Grease Gun versus manually applying 721 strokes (24 minutes) EVERY TWO DAYS!

  • OilSafe colour-coded battery-operated Grease Guns are the solution for manual lubrication of large bearings especially those that require frequent lubricant.
  • OilSafe colour-coded battery-operated Grease Guns give the user speed, efficiency, ease of operation, convenience and accuracy in the lubrication of large bearings.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can the OilSafe grease gun be filled?
    All OilSafe grease guns can be filled with grease cartridges, bulk filled from a pail/drum or with the use of a grease pump.The written instructions packaged with each electrica grease gun illustrate the se filling options.
  • Does the quick coupling work on metric grease zerks?
    Yes. It automatically adjusts to grease zerk sizes, making connections quick and simple. When connected to a grease zerk, there is 6 points of engagement, so connections are secure and allow for hands free operation.
  • What to do when grease zerks get stuck or plugged?
    Occasionally a grease zerk could get plugged or prohibits the flow of grease from a grease gun. OilSafe has many grease accessories for unplugging grease zerks, installing them, colour identification options and various sized grease zerks available in our catalogue (pg 22).


Add-on Grease gun accessories



  • Enables accurate delivery of grease according to manufacturers' specifications


  • Specifics:
    – Grease consistency through NLGI 2
    – Up to 10.000 psi
    – Up to 1000 cm3/minute
    – ca. 3% accuracy to 4300 psi
  • Selectable to metric or imperialunits (cm3, gram, oz or fluid oz).
  • Mounts onto most existing greasing equipment
  • Durable lightweight construction with highly visible readout
  • Can be custom calibrated for special greasing needs

Regreasing with the OilSafe Grease Meter:

  1. Turn unit on
  2. Calibrate (May be necessary if changing grease type or grades. Easy step-by-step instructions in the manual).
  3. Zero set.
  4. Set unit of measure.
  5. Follow the best practices for use of a grease gun.
  6. Apply the correct amount of grease. The OilSafe Grease Meter tells you how much grease has been discharged to each bearing.



  • Hassle-free greasing
  • Secure connection under pressure. Withstands high pressures without deformation.
  • Universal fitting SAE and metric.
  • Fits all style grease guns.
  • Leak-proof.
  • Easy removal.
  • Up to 8.000 psi.

Part Numbers Battery Powered HP Grease Gun

Part # Product Description Part # Product Description
350100 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Steel – Beige 350300 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Clear – Beige
350101 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Steel – Black 350301 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Clear – Black
350102 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Steel – Blue 350302 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Clear – Blue
350103 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Steel – DkGreen 350303 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Clear – DkGreen
350104 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Steel – Gray 350304 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Clear – Gray
350105 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Steel – MdGreen 350305 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Clear – MdGreen
350106 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Steel – Orange 350306 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Clear – Orange
350107 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Steel – Purple 350307 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Clear – Purple
350108 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Steel – Red 350308 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Clear – Red
350109 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Steel – Yellow 350309 Grease Gun Battery Pwr HP Clear – Yellow


Part Numbers Add-on Grease gun accessories

Part # 330999:  Grease Meter*
Part # 350110:   Rechargeable Battery 18.5V, 1.5 AH, Li Ion
Part # 350120:   1 hour/60 minute Battery Charger (Li Ion) 110V/60 Hz 18.5V
Part # 350125:   360 degree swivel grease coupler, 3 Jaw const. 1/8″ NPT, 7000 psi
Part # 350130:   Quick Lock Coupler High Pressure GG 1/8″ NPT**



Colour-coded Battery-operated grease guns - OilSafe

Download the PDS “Colour-coded Battery-operated Grease Guns”


















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