Why should Oil be tested?

To keep equipment in good working order!

Oil tests/analysis provide you with the hard data you need to keep your equipment in good working order, with the added benefit of saving money.

  • Effective oil testing is the best method to accurately determine maximum oil and filtration service intervals. 
  • Oil analysis can detect potential problems before catastrophic damage occurs. FanPro offers oil test kits and laboratory analysis in its line.
Testing in Polaris Lab

What will oil testing reveal?

Oil testing includes several tests performed on each oil sample submitted to the laboratory. The results of these analyses, when compared to original and earlier tests, reveal: 

  • lubricant condition,
  • contamination levels and
  • wear rates of oil-lubricated components.

An understanding of these test-results helps get the most life out of the oil.

Testing in Polaris Lab

What will oil testing detect?

From the oil analysis, following can be detected:

  • Changes in lubricant viscosity
  • Effectiveness of acid-neutralising additive
  • High fuel dilution
  • Presence of water and/or coolant (ethylene glycol)
  • Contaminant level
  • Metallic content

Continued use of test data and lab recommendations help to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the test results. You can combine lab results with maintenance history to derive a clear view of the engine’s condition.