Online Bearing Expo & B2B Meetings | 15-18 March 2021

Virtual Conferences, Expos and Meetings are here to stay!

The beauty of online conferences/expos is, that it no longer matters, where you are physically located. Besides that, events start and finish on time. You can access a virtual event from the comfort of your homes and have the flexibility of planning your day around relevant sessions.

So what can keep you from not visiting us at the Bearing Expo or joining one or more Conference sessions?

Bearing expo & B2B meeting

The Bearing Expo & B2B Meetings event will be “live” online between 15 – 18 March 2021, with unique features:

  • online exhibition area, with video and chat functionality
  • B2B meeting options with other participants (by video or chat)
  • Speed networking video meeting sessions between manufacturers, distributors, and solution providers
  • “ask the expert” panels and a conference with commercial and technical presentations
B2B Meetings

Join the B2B video Meetings & Expert Panels & Visit the Expo



  • Visit exhibition area
  • Attend the conference and workshop presentations
  • Join “Ask The Expert” panel sessions
  • Video or chat interaction with other attendees


79€ per person

  • Schedule 1-on-1 video or chat meetings
  • Join B2B Speed Networking meeting sessions with manufacturers, distributors, solution provider, OEM, and MRO companies
  • Digital exchange of contact details
  • Receive full participants list after the event
  • Visit exhibition area
  • Join “Ask The Expert” panel sessions
  • Attend the conference and workshop presentations

► Exhibition 

As Gold sponsor Enluse will be present at this years digital Bearing Expo event. You are gladly invited to visit us in our stand in the Lubrication Hall. 

The central theme will be Lubrication Reliability.

Our staff will be present and are looking forward to meeting you in this digital platform.

►3 days Live Meetings & Conferences

Stay up-to-date on new technologies. Get new ideas and insight information from International key-note speakers. 

  • 18 speakers
  • Sessions on economic recovery and future analysis
  • Technical presentations and workshops

Every speaker will be played several times for each different time zone. From the schedule you see, who is speaking when. Immediately after the presentation the speakers do a live Q&A session. The cool thing is, that you either can share your video and audio to be live with them or type a question in the chat and they'll go ahead and answer it live.

Our CEO, Ian Knight, will be present as key-note speakers during the conference. After his presentation he will be available during the Q&A sessions to answer live all the questions you have.

Please find below a sneak preview of the presentation "The Lube Room is the foundation". You want to watch the whole show? Register Here!

Don't miss the presentations from Ian:

15 March - 15.00 CET

17 March - 21.00 CET

The Lube Room is the foundation of Bearing Reliability

16 March - 14.00 CET

Lubrication Reliability Fundamentals

Ian Knight keynote speaker

A sneak preview of the Presentation:

"The Lube Room is the Foundation"


Welcome in our Booth in the Lubrication Hall

Bearings Expo

The Day After.... March 18th 2021

2021’s online Bearing Expo & B2B Meetings event, which took place on 15-18 March, hosted 1,057 guests from all around the world, covered multiple time-zones, and set a precedent for future shows. The new revolutionary format was widely embraced by the global bearing community and retained an impressive 73% of registered guests. The large turnout was coupled by a remarkably high amount of user interaction across a variety of features.

One-to-one Meetings
One-to-one chats
Polls created

Help us bring the Lubrication Reliability concept to the market

Enluse is a company founded in 2002, that has as its core objective, finding, educating and assisting a network of competent dealers and service companies, that will help industries improve equipment reliability through better lubrication practices.

We are a small team of decentralised people, located across Europe with a wealth of knowledge about lubrication reliability. Our product lines are recognised brands that provide strategic support in the efforts to achieve Best Practices in Lubrication Management.

Our successes have been the result of working with competent dealers and service companies, where together we have taken our Lubrication Reliability competencies and product lines to the end-customer. The programme is complete, however we are looking to expand our distribution network. Lubrication Reliability is a great business opportunity.


We are looking for Dealers who can sell the Lubrication Reliability Concept and our -Product Lines.


We need dealers for bringing the Lubrication Reliability concept to the marketplace

If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please reach out to us!


Lubrication Reliability Concept

Key factor of a World Class Maintenance Organisation is the Lubricant Management.

While the bearing is the heart of your (rotating) machine, the lubricant is considered as the blood. The health of your blood is as “life threatening” as the quality of the lubricant – whether oils or greases – is.

Bad lubricant quality is extremely harmful for the reliability of machine components. Quality does not only relate to type or brand, but to many more intrinsic aspects. Of course it all starts with the correct machine – lubricant combination in the design stage. Lubricant quality in the Lubrication Reliability™ Programme is a matter of managing the selected lubricants in the best possible way, bearing in mind the six “lubrication rights”.

Lubrication Reliability Products

Let's take a quick tour of our


Product Categories.

Oil Transfer equipment OilSafe

Oil Transfer Equipment

A fully integrated and colour-coded fluid management system developed by OilSafe. To enable the systematic and standardised delivery of well identified and CLEAN LUBRICANT from bulk storage to the point of application on equipment.
Grease Equipment

Grease Equipment

Innovative, high-quality OilSafe grease guns and accessories. Support 5S and Lean initiatives with the innovative identification features on all OilSafe guns.
Labeling and Identification

Labeling & Identification

The OilSafe industrial grade labeling system enables accurate, lubricant identification from bulk storage to the fill point. Flexible and suitable for multiple workplace applications. It increase bottom line savings.
Bulk oil storage

Bulk Oil Storage

Bulk Oil Storage Systems will enable you to take immediate control over your lubrication workflow process and get your lubricant storage areas and practices clean, efficient and compliant. Our Lustor, OilSafe and Lubristation bulk storage systems can be configured or customised to suit your application and budget.
Desiccant Breathers and Adapters

Desiccant Breathers

Our Air Sentry Desiccant breathers remove contaminants, dirt and moisture from air entering machinery, sumps and reservoirs. Desiccant breathers are a  vital part of the maintenance and reliability optimisation process.
Visual oil analysis products

Visual Oil Analysis

With visual oil analysis products you get a real-time snapshot of what's happening with the level and quality of the oil inside your machinery, without shutting down anything. Many lubrication-related problems can be traced and prevented by the human eye during regular visual inspections.
Cabinets and spill control

Cabinets & Spill Control

Organiselubricants and equipment area with high quality workshop ready storage. The fluid safety cabinets are ideal for fuels, solvents and lubricant storage. A perfect complement to your fluid management area.
FanPro - Fluid Analysis Programme

Field to Lab Oil Analysis

Oil sampling and analysis is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep equipment operational! Thereby one can say, that Oil Analysis is indispensable in your Lubrication Reliability Programme.

These are the Brands we trust!

A guarantee for Clean Oil

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Air Sentry Guardian breathers
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Lustor - Lubrication Storage System
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FanPro - Fluid analysis program
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Lubristation Lube Rooms
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Luneta - smart products - reliable machines
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Esco sight glasses
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The Guardian Breather
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After reading the LR concept and seeing the products....