Application: Gearboxes

Recommended Breather Solutions for 

Gearbox > 50 Gallons

Gearbox breather solutions

Recommended Breather Solutions for

Gearbox < 50 Gallons

Gearbox <50g breather solutions

During the regular operation of gearboxes, they are subjected to thermal expansion. This continuous expansion and contraction result in minimal airflow in and out of the gearbox. Air Sentry breathers are engineered to accommodate the airflow associated with these thermal changes.

Moreover, the airflow of both air and oil can significantly increase during gearbox drainage and refilling processes. If the gearbox is being drained or filled via gravity methods, you can rest assured, as all Air Sentry breathers are fully equipped to handle the airflow demands of gravity-based operations.

However, when the gearbox filling or draining is facilitated by a pump, it's essential that the breather's airflow capacity aligns with that of the pump to ensure optimal performance.

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