Advanced Fluid Handling Cart

Mobile storage of fluids in addition to fluid transfer

Advanced fluid handling cart OilSafe

OilSafe Advanced Fluid Handling Cart

The Advanced Fluid Handling Cart offers mobile storage of fluids next to fluid transfer and off-line filtration. It's a portable unit that enables users to handle and transport fluids such as oils, lubricants, coolants, and other fluids commonly used in industrial applications. It is built with durability, ease of use, and safety in mind.OilSafe advanced fluid handling cart

Here are some key features and capabilities of the OilSafe Advanced Fluid Handling Cart:

Fluid Compatibility:

The cart is compatible with a wide range of fluids, including oils, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, and coolants. This versatility allows it to be used in diverse industrial applications.

Integrated Filtration:

The cart is equipped with a filtration system that helps remove contaminants and impurities from the fluid, ensuring clean and high-quality fluid transfer. This feature is crucial for maintaining equipment performance and preventing damage caused by contaminated fluids.

Fluid Identification:

OilSafe uses a colour-coding system that allows easy identification of different fluids. The Advanced Fluid Handling Cart incorporates this system, ensuring proper segregation and preventing cross-contamination of fluids during storage and transfer.

Mobility and Portability:

The cart is designed to be portable and maneuverable, featuring a sturdy frame and wheels that allow easy movement within the facility. This mobility enables users to transport fluids efficiently, reducing the time and effort required for fluid handling tasks.

Storage and Organization:

The Advanced Fluid Handling Cart often comes with integrated storage compartments, allowing users to store essential tools, accessories, and documentation related to fluid handling. This feature promotes organization and efficiency, ensuring that everything needed for fluid management is readily accessible.

Safety Features:

OilSafe emphasizes safety in its designs, and the Advanced Fluid Handling Cart incorporates several safety features. These may include spill containment trays to prevent fluid leaks and spills, secure locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access, and ergonomic handles and controls for safe operation.


OilSafe offers customization options for the Advanced Fluid Handling Cart, allowing users to tailor the cart's configuration to their specific needs. This can include additional accessories, such as pumps, meters, hose reels, and other components required for particular fluid handling tasks.

The OilSafe Advanced Fluid Handling Cart is a versatile and reliable solution for managing fluids in industrial environments. Its robust construction, integrated filtration, fluid identification system, and other features make it an efficient tool for fluid transfer, storage, and maintenance, while prioritizing safety and cleanliness.

Summary of the Features

  • Quick connects provide clean, secure connections
  • 25-ft Hose Reel with high flow Dispensing Gun (Metering Gun upgrade available) 
  • Built-in spill containment 
  • Integrated forklift pockets for safe and quick mobility 
  • Air or Electric pump options available 
  • Available in OilSafe’s 10 standard colors, and customized labeling for best in class fluid identification 
  • OilSafe Bulk Systems are CE certified
  • Suction and discharge hose with quick connects
  • Desiccant Air Breathers (1 per tank)

  • System includes one 110 Volt/20A, 1.0HP TEFC electric motors for positive displacement gear pumps (3-5GPM) per tank
  • All Containers are TGIC Polyester Powder Coated
  • Containers are constructed of 12 Gauge Aluminised Steel.
  • All tanks are supplied with Level Gauges and tank fittings.
  • Fluid to be filtered during dispensing, filling and recirculating; can also be filtered offline with use of supplied hoses and quick connects. 
  • Shipped in pre-assembled modules
  • Weight: ca. 270 kg


■ 4, 7 or 25 µ filter

■ Tank Colour

■ Pneumatic or Electric Pump

■ Remote LED Display

■ Tank Overfill Alarm

■ Digital Metering Gun

Filtration modes

The 4-way Dual Filtration system of the OilSafe Advanced Fluid Handling Cart refers to its capability to perform filtration functions in multiple ways. This system incorporates filters with different micron ratings (4µ, 7µ, 25µ Beta 2000 filters available) to cater to various filtration requirements. Here's a breakdown of each filtration mode:

Filters While Filling:

This mode allows the cart to filter fluids while they are being transferred or filled into equipment or storage containers. The fluid passes through the designated filters, which trap and remove contaminants, such as dirt, particles, and debris. By filtering the fluid during the filling process, it helps ensure that clean and high-quality fluid is dispensed.

Recirculate / Kidney Loop:

In this mode, the cart is capable of recirculating or creating a kidney loop within the fluid system. The fluid is continuously circulated through the filters, removing contaminants and maintaining fluid cleanliness. This mode is beneficial when fluid purification is required over an extended period or for fluid conditioning purposes.


The Advanced Fluid Handling Cart can also filter fluids during the dispensing process. As the fluid is being dispensed, it passes through the filters, ensuring that any remaining contaminants or impurities are removed before reaching the equipment or machinery being serviced. This helps protect the equipment and maintain its performance.


The off-line filtration mode allows for standalone filtration processes. The cart can be used independently from fluid transfer or dispensing activities to perform filtration on stored fluids or fluid systems that require maintenance. The off-line mode enables the cart to function as a dedicated filtration unit for fluid purification and maintenance purposes.

By offering these four filtration modes, the 4-way Dual Filtration system of the OilSafe Advanced Fluid Handling Cart provides versatility and flexibility in fluid management. It ensures that fluids are filtered effectively during filling, recirculation, dispensing, and off-line maintenance, helping to maintain fluid quality, prolong equipment life, and reduce the risk of system failures due to contaminated fluids.


Part # 894765

65 gal Advanced Fluid Handling Cart

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