OilSafe Satellite Lube Room

When your lubricants are subject to remote or extreme conditions and interior space is limited, OilSafe's Satellite Lube Room offers a stand-alone system with placement flexibility and state of the art features.

This convenient storage protects the lubricants quality and lifespan by reducing handling errors and controlling its environment.


Add a Lubrication Work Center, Tote Dispensing Rack, Portable Filtration Cart and more to complete your room.



- A dedicated pump/motor/filter

- Integrated 3-way valves for: fill, dispensing and in-tank

- Integrated oil-dispensing point



"Issue: Limited Space - Solution: Satellite Lube Room"

Satellite Lube Room 20' container
Satellite Lube Room 20' container
Itemnumber: 894820

20 ft. Satellite Lube Room - It can easily be transported with a flatbed tow truck or loaded onto a deck-over goose-neck trailer and pulled by a 3/4 ton truck. Fork slots in the base allow for easy positioning at the job site.


Satellite Lube Room 40' container
Satellite Lube Room 40' container
Itemnumber: 894840

40 ft. Satellite Lube Room - Includes the same great features as the smaller unit, but with twice the interior space. A great option for sites where more storage and work space is needed. Can still be moved around the site with forklift-equipped machinery.