Dorothea Schroeder Retirement

Recently we asked, for your thoughts please say,

Dorothea is retiring, tell us about, her work way.

You all responded well, many nice experiences to state,

About your feelings, your respect and good wishes to relate.

So touched we were, to our eyes came a tear,

So emotional and moving, such nice words to hear.

Greetje compiled all of the words, made a book for to remember,

We rhythmed it with music, presented all, on the 19th December.

She was emotionally touched, tears down her cheeks flowed.

Her heart was beating faster, her emotions simply glowed.

So for all your nice words, and the feelings that flowed,

We say, thanks a million, for her legacy you’ve sowed.

Please download the attachment, of your messages so kind,

For Dorothea, these emotions of praise, will forever remind.

Of Dorothea the person, she did it, “Her Way.”

Thank You All!