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Authorized dealer Reliability InstituteAs a registered dealer of the Reliability Institute we are now able to offer trainings, courses and certifications online. 

The Reliability Institute is an organisation of widely experienced maintenance and reliability professionals. The vision of the founding members is to make available to the industrial market place, their combined maintenance knowledge and experiences through training and consultancy. 


About Reliability Institute      .

A blended learning company offering online a broad range of highly informative courses in areas of Reliability and Maintenance. The training is multidirectional, meaning you take the course with active instructive support and involvement.



To provide a process that will effectively and efficiently inform, educate and support organizations as they develop and implement the various strategies and techniques, that will deliver improved plant reliability leading to world class maintenance.


Delivery Process


Reliability Institute on-line training coursesIdentify a Business Need

The first step is the identification of the business professional need. This is most likely already known since you know the areas where you and your organization need to improve.

Select a course

We also provide you with contact info of the subject-matter-expert, who created the course and who will facilitate it for you.


Module Review

Once you purchase a course you will receive the material which includes in addition to the course modules with exercises and its appropriate reading material.


Complete the Exercise

This is what the next point of differentiation occurs. Earlier we touched on the concept of blended learning. Well here is where it comes into play. When you buy the course, you will get far more than the module-material. What you get is the exercises interaction with the subject-matter-expert, who developed and is facilitating your course.

This is a very powerful benefit, since your work in the exercises as well as questions you may have, will be answered. This interaction will most likely take place through emails and on limited basis skype contacts.



Now that you have some idea of what we are delivering, let us discuss the benefits of taking a course through the Reliability Institute.

  1. We provide a wide variety of Maintenance and Reliability focused course to help your organization attain world class status.
  2. Courses to improve your capacity as a maintenance and reliability professional.
  3. Interaction with the course facilitator – the subject-matter-expert who developed the program.

Reliability Institute on-line training courses


The Reliability Institute does more than to start you down the road to

World Class Maintenance and Reliability,

we accompany you on your journey.


Contact us

Below you find an overview of the two Directors of the Reliability Institute:


Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas


Steve has 40 years of experience working in the petrochemical industry. He has personal involvement at all levels of the maintenance and reliability work process and vast experience in all phases of the business. Currently Steve is working as a Change Management Consultant and Trainer and has presented his material in the US, Canada, South America and Europe.




Ian Knight


Ian Knight


Ian has over 45 years experience working in the industrial market place at all levels and has a broad knowledge in industrial maintenance, reliability, sales, service and various management positions. He has also worked as a training consultant where he ran global reliability training programs. In 2003 he started his own company Enluse B.V. located in The Netherlands, specializing in lubrication reliability and the supply of products to support global best practices.




Feel free to contact either of us to learn more of the Reliability Institute and what we have to offer. We are looking forward to working with you in the near future.


Available courses:

Change ManagementChange Management

This is a course for all those people associated with changing the way people work. Most change initiatives fail to meet their planned objectives because they were treated as projects and not as a process to change the way people work. This course is a must for managers or project responsible people who want to make new initiatives sustain themselves over the long term.

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All you need to know about ReliabilityAll you need to know about Reliability

This course is the first of a two part series discussing the elements of RAM: Reliability, Availability and Maintainability.  In Part 1, the student will learn about the various phases during the reliability-life of an asset and the tools available to ensure reliability is properly addressed during each phase.  This course spends time introducing the student to details concerning each tool that is frequently missed in other reliability.

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Planning and SchedulingPlanning and Scheduling

The objective of this course is relatively simple as the slide states, to provide a deeper understanding of this topic so that for those who do not have a process such as this in place, the choice between their “as is” condition and a planning and scheduling work process is obvious.

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Managing Spare Parts InventoryManaging Spare Parts Inventory

The overall objective of this course is to optimize a company’s maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO) spare parts inventory asset. Throughout the course you will acquire the best practices and techniques for optimizing the MRO inventory using numerous real case studies.

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Performance TrackingPerformance Tracking

Trend Charting is a course that explains in detail, supported with a relevant example and exercise, the concept of effective trend charting.  This is a simple and powerful tool that allows an organization to view process performance over time in order to correct actions as necessary.

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Bearing Failures and their causesBearing Failures and their Causes

This course is about why bearings fail and it provides the knowledge to understanding and recognize the different types of failure modes. These skills learnt in this course help prevent the reoccurrance of bearing failures.

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Centrifugal Pump TrainingCentrifugal Pump Training

This course, while specifically developed for process operators who regularly deal with centrifugal pumps, can serve a wide range of training needs.  The information contained in this course is of immense value for maintenance, reliability professionals and engineers who regularly detail with this equipment.

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Industrial Piping PracticesIndustrial Piping Practices

For those of you who want to learn more about piping metallurgy this course is for you! While technical in nature, Mr. Murty explains in great deal the various types of metals used in piping systems.  

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Available videos:


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Preventive/Predictive Maintenance


















Technical Courses


















For more details and pricing about available courses please visit the Reliability Institute website.