Snapshot Assessment TestTo start a new Lubrication Reliability (LR) strategy (or just implement one or more of its components) it is crucial to assess the actual lubrication management situation. Evaluation and benchmarking will disclose actual flaws in the organization and stress out the weak points in the fields of:

•  Strategies,
•  CMMS, 
•  Cleanliness & contamination control,
•  Lube supply,
•  Expertise, etc.
Actual status is categorized from Basic Level evolving to Best in Class.


Starting point

A report will be initiated from an order to assess the current lubrication practices and will suggest a plan to overhaul these practices and bring them to global best standard levels.



The report will cover the following points:

1. Findings on lubrication strategy as applied in the plant when compared to best practice standards: 
    a) Maintenance strategy and 
    b) Lubrication processes

2. Lubrication storage area

3. Recommendations to improve the lubrication strategy, bringing it closer to best  practice standards and also a strategy that
    will have the effect of  reducing maintenance cost.


How Good is your Lubrication Strategy?

To find out how well your company scores lubrication strategy wise, we have assembled an 8 question assessment for you. All it takes is 5 minutes of your time. Simply answer the 8 questions, fill in your name and email address and click submit. This assessment is designed to provide the respondent with a clear picture of how their lubrication program ranks in each 8 key areas of lubrication


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